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salon laurie & company is a team, passionate about providing excellence in image and relaxation services.
We continuously strive to elevate our skills to bring you transformational beauty and wellness! Bring your concerns to our professionals, and we will help you feel better about the way you present yourself to the world, and release your tensions or muscle pain, when you have visited with our massage therapist.  While you're here,  remove yourself from the routine of a busy schedule, or stay connected with our wify.

As a TEAM salon, we want to accommodate you in your hectic schedule. You may, of course, request a stylist/service provider.  Should there be a time that they are not available when it is convenient for you, we will happily offer you the option of seeing another service provider. All team members are qualified to take care of you. Their level of experience and education are reflected in our tiered pricing. Our goal is to make you happy!

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  • MaskNe?
    Maskne? - Not Me!
    Are you struggling with this new form of, what appears to be, acne, on your face-especially around your mouth? 
    Wearing a face mask for prolonged periods of time, on a regular basis is tough on your skin...and don't we know it! 
    Simply breathing and talking under your mask creates a moist, warm environment, encouraging bacteria, yeast and other pathogens to grow.  Couple that with the friction of the mask on your face, which frequently results in perioral dermatitis, or pimples, and can cause soreness, irritation and even Rosacea to flare up.
    Our Advice?
    Our first tip is to choose the right mask.  Of course, fabric masks seem to be softer, though wearing only single layered masks don't provide you with enough protection.  If you prefer fabric, find one that is made with a close weave and has multiple layers.  Wash it before wearing, to remove any chemical residue that may cause irritation, (and fabric softener helps!).  Wash it often, especially if you have been excersing and sweating, and be sure to rinse well, then put it in the dryer. 
    Secondly, use the right skincare!
    We speak from experience!  Our Dermaware Bio Targeted Skincare is absolutely THE BEST - all the time, but especially for MASKNE! Although a complete skincare regimen is best, these specialty potions will get your skin "back into to the clear again", feel better and when used regularly, help prevent further irritation and breakouts.
    Fresh Greens Mask - probiotic purification, organic superfoods
    Saving Face Cleanser - encapsulated peel complex
    Bare Fruit Mask - two step cleansing papaya enzyme mask for redness control & much more
    Deep Sea Serum - hydrating & soothing seaweed & kinetin
    Purchase in our facebook shop or contact us for a personal consultation.
  • How We Take Care of You Safely

    We will be sending you a Covid-19 questionaire.  Please fill out and return before your appointment.

    We will also ask you about your payment type over the phone. If you are planning to use a credit card, we will take that in advance of your visit. It will be entered into our software system, and encrypted for safely. This is to cut down on your time and exchange at checking out. If you are debiting, no problem! We have moved our terminals to the top of the desk, for easy, self entry.

    If you would like, you will be able to tip your stylist via Venmo to your stylist's or the salon’s Venmo account. If using the salon's account, salon-laurie-5910, simply enter your service provider's name in the notes. 

    Once you have arrived, call or text us from your car, to let us know you are here, and we will notify you when we are ready to welcome you into the salon.  Although, we would love to welcome you into the salon immediatley when you arrive, please understand, with the Mayor's tight restrictions, we need to keep the number of people in the building down.  Therefore, we need you to wait in your car until we let you know that we are ready for you to come in. 

    Once we have notified you it is OK to come in, there is hand sanitizer on our doorstep for you, and another just inside the door.

    Your mask should be one with earloops, not one that ties behind your head.  During your service, we may ask you to remove one loop at a time, and hold it in place. Of course, we will also be wearing this latest trend in this accessory, as well!

    We are keeping the salon and all touchpoints sanitized.

    While your color processes, if heat isn’t required, we may ask you to go to your car or, weather permitting, outside in our scenic seating area, overlooking the beautiful Jones Falls! Located just outside our side door, we can easily check on you and your hair!

    If you have been sick in the last 14 days, feeling as though you may be getting sick, or are living with someone that is/has been sick, please reschedule your appointment. (fever above 99 degrees, cough in the last 14 days)

    Our goal is to keep you safe, but don’t worry… we won’t forget that we’re here to help you look and feel your best!  After all, isn’t that what we could all use now?

    Thank you for your trust!




















  • We'll Help You Find YOUR Perfect Color!

    Confused as to what to ask for in your hair color appointment?

    A full foil, a refresh, babylights, balayage, foilayage, grey coverage, money piece, shadow root, bond protection...? You'll find all of these trendy terms when searching Instagram and Pinterest!

    Don't know which term to use when you're sitting in the chair? A picture is worth a thousand words! Rather then try to describe what you're looking for, a picture will tell us everything! Trust us to distinguish exactly how to achieve the look you're after. We'll provide the right techniques and products to create your perfect hair color. We'll teach you what you need to do to protect and care for your color to keep it looking fresh.

    In many instances, an in-person consulation prior to your actual color appointment is the best way to go. Trust the professional to personalize the process for you!