Spa Services & Packages

We'll help you care for your skin!

Whether for a brief appointment, or for a full day of treatments. It is our intention that you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Treat yourself, or someone special in your life, to one, or a combination of any or our Spa Services with a salon laurie gift card.  Scroll down to see all of our packages and special offerings.

Skin care

Thorough treatments and effective products make our skin care services truly unique! A consulation prior to your service will elicit your concerns & enable our staff to address your needs and make recommendations when appropriate.


 DurationAssistant /
Jr. Stylist
Senior /
Master Stylist
Quick Fix Facial

This 15-minute treatment will make your skin glow and can be performed while your hair color is processing or your nails are drying.  Recommended before a makeup application for knockout results!

15 minutes$35
Refresh Facial

This mini-facial is the perfect way to escape briefly from the pressures of the day or to prepare for a special event.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, a mask treatment, a pressure point eye massage, and a hydrating treatment.  Emerge bright-eyed and ready to face the world!

45 minutes$75
Renew Facial

Maintain a healthy complexion and spirit with this thoroughly effective and relaxing treatment.  Customized for your skin’s special needs, it includes a facial massage, heated mitts for the hands, and a massage for the hands and arms.

75 minutes$120
Teen Facial

A customized treatment to address a variety of adolescent skin care concerns followed by a discussion of how to care for the skin on a daily basis and the importance of sunscreen.

75 minutes$100
Pumpkin Peel Facial

A deeply exfoliating treatment with the added benefit of aromatherapy. Pumpkin enzymes, brown sugar, and lactic and salicylic acids effectively resurface the skin while the enticing blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and sandalwood soothes the senses.  May be performed alone or in conjunction with an exfoliating hand treatment.

75 minutes$130
Modern Facial

Combat the signs of aging with an extremely concentrated complex of copper peptides.  Proven to promote the synthesis of collagen and to relax facial expression lines, this is an excellent way to revitalize tired skin.  For an advanced treatment, add a non-acid Genesis Peel

75 minutes$135
Oil Change Facial

Target all the causes of acne with a potent combination of benzoyl peroxide and sulfur.  This healing treatment contains high concentrations of organic botanicals and natural antibacterial agents.  For an advanced treatment, add a Saving Face Peel.

  • Individuals with sulfur and benzoyl peroxide allergies should not receive this treatment. 
  • Also not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Skin will be red for several hours afterward.
45 minutes$120
Go Spot Go Facial

A combination of powerful lightening ingredients targets uneven skin tone, color, and hyperpigmentation.  For an advanced treatment, add a peel booster.

45 minutes$135
Lighten Up Facial

Brighten your complexion and reduce dark spots with vitamin C, retinol, and botanical extracts.

  • May be also be applied to hands.
45 minutes$135
Clean Slate Facial

Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin and rosacea, this blend of sea clay and aloe is designed to detoxify, soothe, and rehydrate.

  • Individuals with iodine and shellfish allergies may be sensitive to this treatment.
45 minutes$120
Be My Honey Facial

Soothe and heal dry, red, irritated skin with a delicious formula of honey, oats, chamomile, and olive squalene.  Skin will be visibly smoother and noticeably plumper.

45 minutes$120
Pump It Up Facial

For skin that is oily and sensitive.  This nourishing combination of plant extracts, oil-free emollients, antioxidants, and corrective vitamins will replenish, rehydrate, and calm inflamed skin.Excellent for skin that has been overexposed to sun, wind, and dry weather.

45 minutes$135
Gentleman's Facial

This treatment thoroughly cleans the skin while soothing irritation from shaving.  Includes the use of warm aromatherapy towels for gentle steam.  Recommended for all skin types including sensitive.

75 minutes$120

Spa Specials /Packages

Garden Harvest Facial
Our Summer Garden Facial...we do Farm to Table, too! This nourishing treat for stressed skin, is straight from the garden. This sustainable treatment uses certified organic herbs, flowers, oils & grains from family farms to restore & balance skin health. *geranium, lavender, mint, rose, chamomile, calendula, sweet milk, cornmeal, & oatmeal. 60 minutes, includes a take home treat!
45 minutes, $100



Assistant /
Jr. Stylist

Senior /
Master Stylist

Express Makeover

Our Refresh facial, hairstyling, manicure, makeup application

2.75 hours$183


Our Signature Total Wellness Package

Renew facial, spa manicure & pedicure, PerfectSense hand & foot treatments, make-up appliction, haircut and hairstyling. Personal gift & lunch Included



 $335                    $352         

Eye Focus

Soothing eye treatment, eyebrow design, individual eyelash application, eye make-up makeover.

1.75 hours$82
Classic Spa Day

Our Renew Facial, soothing spa manicure & pedicure, make-up application, and hairstyling. Personal gift & lunch Included


4.25 hours$310
An Evening Out

Classic manicure and pedicure, make-up application, shampoo and hairstyling.

2.75 hours$142
Haircut may be added+$10+$28
The Gentleman's Day

Our Gentleman's facial, hand & foot detailing, haircut and grooming. 

2.25 hours$173
- Add foot detailing $220


We will be happy to add a service to any of these packages, or to customize a package especially for you.

Please arrive at lesat 20 minutes prior to your day, so that we may get to know your needs, and to unwind in our private Tranquility Area before your services.


Waxing & Hair Removal

Benefits of waxing versus other forms of hair removal:

Long lasting. Hair in areas waxed will not grow back from three to eight weeks. When hair does grow back, it is soft and not coarse like shaved hair.
When the hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is removed at the surface. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface and the stubble can be felt.

Eyebrow Shaping, Lip or Chin
 from $20
Sides of Face
 from $38
 from $30
 from $30
 Fullfrom $75
 Halffrom $50
 from $55
 from $55
 from $40
Half Leg with Bikini
 from $75
Full Leg with Bikini
 from $105

Let us create a make-up look that is natural or drematic for you. Whatever your preference, you will feel beautiful! For a special occasion, or just when you want to feel special. Our make-up artist can show you all of the tricks of the trade. (We are not offering lash enhancement services at this time, but we will be soon!)

Classic Make-up Application



Expertly applied to withstand the bright lights of photograpy, and last for hours.

Make-up Lesson

You will be taught step by step application for a professional look everyday.  Proper tools of the trade and techniques are used.  Our makeup artist applies make-up to half of the face and you do the other.

Individual Lashes

Individual or clusters of lashes are applied to your lash line to thicken the look of your natural lash.

Lash & Brow Tint

The right color is applied to your lashes &/or brows to give you the perfect frame for your eyes.

$25 each
Lash Extensions

30 - 40 individual lash extensions are applied to each eye, to thicken and lengthen.