Our Nail Care Specialists will nurture not only your nails, but your skin as well.  Using the vegan nail care line, Sparitual, and OPI, we will provide you with with the ultimate in skin care for your hands and feet.  

Classic Manicure
Not your express mani! Goes beyond the basics - finishing with choice of the season's latest colors.25 minutes$19
Classic Pedicure
No express here! Soak, soften, soothe, polish, and feel completely relaxed in our private pedi spa room. Come enjoy the experience.45 minutes$45
Spa Manicure

Therapeutic moisture and aromatherapy treatment for your hands!  Includes our Perfect Sense paraffin treatment - especially beneficial for arthritic hands!

30 minutes$30
Spa Pedicure
The ultimate pedicure service, cleanses, renews and restores the spirit as well as the feet. Perfec Sense parraiffin, especcially good for dry and scaly skin!  Smooth and pretty!60 minutes$55
Lavender Manicure
For sensitive skin types, feel the soothing benefits of lavender for balancing the skin"s moisture properties.35 minutes$30
Celebrate a Birthday
Happy Birthday to You . Have your cake and eat it too!. Celebrate a spa pedicure with our chocolate cake scrub and chocolate lotion massage. Followed with your own personal chocolate cake.60 minutes$55
Men's Hand Detailing
Grooming at its best! Clean up and moisturize cuticles, a relaxing massage, trim and buff your nails to a natural shine.25 minutes$17
Men's Foot Detailing
Perfect for the athlete, or just to relax! Soak, privately, in our pedi-spa of warm, massaging jets. Trimming, sloughing, and a soothing massage on your feet, and calves.45 minutes$40


Cancellations: Please allow a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to a single service, and 48 hours prior to multiple service appointments to cancel.  Less than this may require a charge for the scheduled services.  Should you have a gift certificate with us, and you do not show up for a scheduled service, without cancelling within these parameters, the amount of your missed service appointment will be deducted from you gift certificate.