Signature Soy Shampoo - strength & hydration for all hair types

This salon laurie signature shampoo is enriched with soy protein and fabulous on all hair types! It’s rich lather and fresh scent infuse weightless moisture and leave your hair absolutely luminous!

Signature Soy Conditioner - strength & hydration for all hair types

This salon laurie signature conditioner delivers strength and hydration! Achieve luminous shine without weighing your hair down with this soy protein enriched conditioner. Your hair has never been more manageable! (Will not dull or build up on the hair. Very lightweight!)

Orange-Sea Cleanser - anti - aging & hydration for stressed hair

Experience the anti-aging benefits of this ultra-hydrating cleanser! Orange oil, natural algae and crushed seaweed granules work to rejuvenate & smooth the hair’s cuticle to minimize damage caused by environmental exposure and chemical treatments. Your hair has never looked so radiant! Paraben free. (This shampoo is also loaded with proteins and amino acids that act as natural moisturizing agents. Keeps hair hydrated and conditioned and infuses hair with the “missing links” that disappear as we age. The natural algae and citrus to help smooth and close the cuticle to decrease damage caused by daily styling, etc. – One of Laurie’s favorites!)

Orange-Sea Conditioner - anti-aging & hydration for stressed hair

Your hair will look absolutely radiant with this dual purpose hydrating treatment! Orange oil, sea kelp extract, algae, and other botanical extracts add strength and shine, & infuse the hair with unprecedented moisturizing agents. Anti-aging factors put back what nature has forgotten to deliver to your hair. Apply to shampooed hair, massaging into hair and scalp, leave on 3 minutes daily; or get the total Orange Sea experience: cover with a cap & warm towel, and leave in for 10 minutes. (These ingredients also infuse hair with that “missing link”, natural moisturizers for healthy hair and scalp.

Keratin Infusion Cleanser - anti-frizz shampoo

Used daily, Keratin Infusion Cleanser helps prevent breakage, add renewed strength and gently smoothe and soften the surface of your hair. Free of sodium chloride, sulfates and parabens, this moisturizing daily cleanser, while safe for color treated hair, gently removes build up on the hair and scalp.

Vanilla Infusion Conditioner - anti-frizz

Vanilla Infusion Conditioner is an innovation in the science of hair nourishment. for all hair types. Vanilla Seed particles & extract are used to soothe & exfoliate the scalp, while Geranium repair, hydrate, soften and add shine to hair. Free of parabens & Sodium Chloride.

Vanilla Infusion Mask - anti-frizz & deep hydration

Quench your hair's thirst with this deep treatment that is fortified with Keratin and a blend of nutrients that will help repair, rejuvenate and rebuild elasticity to your hair. Vanilla Intense Mask improves elasticity and imparts shine.

Peppermint Wash - sensitive scalp & hair

Invigorate your scalp & cleanse your hair with pure Peppermint Oil & the healing powers of Tea Tree Oil! Deep clean, soothe the scalp, & wash away build-up with 13 botanical extracts. Imparts body and shine. Great for itchy scalps! (This shampoo has clarifying benefits as well as healing. Using the highest grade of Tea Tree Oil available, it will remove debris and build up from the hair shaft, as well as add body)

Mint Condition - sensitive scalp & hair

Treat your hair & scalp with this vitamin & protein enriched daily conditioner. Sensitive & itchy scalps benefit from this conditioner. Adds shine and volume. (Moisturizes and conditons with botanicals and proteins to leave the hair shiny, healthy, and full of body.)

Botanical Moisture Shampoo - ultimate hydration for medium - coarse hair

Bask in the luxury of 11 botanical extracts in this thick, creamy moisturizing shampoo that bathe your hair & scalp in moisture! Sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free. (This will be our “go to” for an alternative to the Marcia shampoo for BKT clients. Treats hair and scalp dryness and increases structural integrity to hair.)

Structure - repair, ultimate hydration

Revive distressed hair with this soothing botanical & anti-oxidant treatment. Perfect if your hair is chemically treated or over-worked. Pro-Therma penetrates deep into your hair to strengthen & lock in moisture. Paraben free. (Revitalizes damaged hair and/or stressed hair. Active ingredients penetrate into the core of the hair shaft to strengthen elasticity and lock in moisture.

Weightless Lave-In Conditioner - lightweight, detangles, sun filters

For unparalleled slip & shine, this ultra-light leave-in conditioner with sun filters uses botanical extracts to protect, repair & volumize. (Great detangler! Shine, body and repair)

Leave Me In

Therapy for your hair! Leave Me In lets you repair damage & seal split ends with Pro Vitamin B5. Smoothing proteins & conditioners control frizz, improve combability & prevent further damage. Paraben fee.

Resilience Leave-In Conditioner - strenghthens, smooths, detangles, sun filters

Improve flexibility while preventing damage from heat styling with this weightless leave-in conditioner. Detangles tresses, decreases damage from heat styling tools & protects from sun damage. Resilience adds shine & increases tensile strength. Awesome when using a flat iron.

Smoothing Serum

Based on advanced technology and innovation, this humidityresistant formula smoothes the cuticle and controls frizz, visibly improving the appearance of your hair immediately. Ideal to tame unruly curls, making them shiny and bouncy again.

Alchemy - texture, definition & volume

noun (al-kuh-mee) - any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of great value. Ideal for all hair types. This botanically enhanced lightweight, soft gel will transform your hair! Use to define curls & waves, or before blow-drying for flexible volume.

Bounce Spray Gel

Designed to promote volume & support your style when blow drying, or define your curls. Provides hold, without flaking, and incredible shine.

Thick-R - thickening & texturizing

Pump up the volume with this unbelievable thickening cream! Achieve the voluminous look you’ve always longed for. Your hair will look like it exploded! ThickR will decrease frizz & enhance curls, or add body when blow-drying for straighter looks. Pump a small amount into hands & apply evenly to clean damp hair before blow-drying.
(One of Laurie’s favorites to blow dry with for maximum volume and thickness! A small amount is all you need.)

POWder - boost the volume

This lightweight POWder was designed to give a matte finish while adding volume and texture to any hair style. Never feeling sticky or stiff, it can be used several times during the day, by tapping into hair at the scalp.

Thickening Silk - style * smooth * volume

Created to make your curly/frizzy hair smooth as silk, while adding volume in one fell swoop! This thickening styling gel will build body into your style with a polish you won’t believe! (Perfect for fine to meduim hair that needs smoothing. Use while blow drying for maximum benefit.)

Whip-It - foaming gel-mousse

This combination gel-mouse styler provides the feel and volume of a mousse, with the lightweight versatility of a gel. Use to enhance curl & texture when scrunching, or to create volume and hold when looking for a smoother finish. Whip-It reduces static electricity while conditioning and adding shine. Dispense a small “whip” into palm, wait for it to expand, and massage through hair evenly. Style as desired.
(Awesome volumizing gel mousse. A little to add moderate volume, more for big hair!)

Crème de la Crème - The Ultimate Lite Mousse

This light, creamy styling mousse is as lite as freshly whipped cream! Created to provide bouncy, touchable, fullness, while conditioning your hair at the same time. No VOC’s & alcohol free.

Text - styling mud

Add texture to any style!  Use wet, dry or damp to define your style.

Finish Line - style/finish

Unbelievable, flexible support and volume! Infused with Panthenol and other natural extracts to smooth and add shine. Use a little on wet hair to blow volume into shorter styles, or on dry hair to create detail with a moldable finish on any hair. (Can be used on any hair type. I packaged and named this product to be easily targeted at men. A good styling companion to our Peppermint Wash, & Mint Condition.)


Sculpt & texturize with this shaping cream. Natural oils help repair & condition while defining your style without flaking or stiffness. Paraben free.

Flex Dressing - finish

This light weight, flexible finishing paste will help you dress your style any way you wish! Scrunch, twist, and mold you ‘doo with Flex dressing for a fashion forward finish to any style. (Let your hands create magic with this flexible finsher. Best on medium – coarse hair, short – medium lengths.)

Dry Me Out - volumizing dry shampoo

No time to shampoo & blow dry? Use No Dry me Out! This powder cleanser is the answer to your time challenged lifestyle! Refresh your hair, absorb oil on the scalp, while adding volume. Excellent for extensions too. (Removes oily patches from around the hairline, great when you need to look cleaner, and add volume too,)

Flex-Hold Hairspray

Support your style with this quick-drying working spray. Exceptional hold, humidity resistant & easy to work with!